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As we understand the criticality of the applications for which our products will be used, we have a dedicated Quality Control team who is constantly inspecting the Material and the related Test Certificates to avoid any discrepancies.

Our Quality Control department is continually updating the technical information as per the requirements of the industries. We study, analyze and incorporate the required specification in our purchasing terms and conditions.

Total Quality is the basis on which Square One is founded. All the activities of the company are based upon our experience, technical knowledge, competence, trust and quality. Quality is the inherent characteristic of all our operations.

We at Square One continually strive to offer:
»  Quality Products
»  Quality Customer Service
»  Quality after Sales Support

The first strategic objective of Square One is to supply products and services of high quality level and to meet or exceed the needs of our clients.

Apart from the Quality Control, the selection of our suppliers is based on the Approved vendor list of all major oil, gas and petrochemical companies. These suppliers are well known for their products, services and quality.

Square One General Trading L.L.C,

imageSquare One General Trading is one of the leading trading companies in Dubai, specialized in Oil & Gas Industry products supply. Square One is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Square One provides all the essential services and logistic support to our Suppliers, who in turn offer our Clients procurement solutions of the latest high performance and cost-effective products and quality service solutions.

Square One supplies equipment and services to a range of sectors, including the following:
»  Onshore & Offshore Petroleum Companies
»  Refineries, Gas Plants & Downstream Petroleum Companies
»  Power Generation, Electricity Distribution & Utility Companies
»  Petrochemical Companies
»  EPC Contractors & Engineering Companies
»  Construction Companies
»  Drilling Contractors & Oilfield Service Companies
»  Government Departments & Municipalities
Square One Supply network extends to all over the globe.


»  Excellence

We give you the best. We always provide the best products and technical solutions. We also pride ourselves on the excellence of execution and the quality of the human relationships we have with our customers. With Square One Group, you never have to compromise.

»  Trust

We give you our word. In the high-stakes world of industrial and construction projects, you can count on us to be there from start to finish. Not only do we keep our promises, we make sure the job gets done. You can count on us to be there today and tomorrow.

»  Competitiveness

We keep you on budget. Our prices are always fair and we focus on total cost of ownership in order to help you manage costs over the life of the project. Moreover, innovative contractual services, such as fixed pricing and buy-back, help you optimize your budget management.

»  Peace of mind

We keep you on time. Our operations are scaled and organized to meet your logistical and operational requirements. Thanks to our logistic platforms and stock levels that none of our competitors can match.

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